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Our Team Members

Registered Veterinary Technologists

Leisha - Office Manager

Leisha started working at Lifetime Pet Care in June, 2006. She graduated from Thompson Rivers University to become a Registered Animal Health Technologist (RAHT). As a Technologist, Leisha’s typical day includes anesthesia, assisting in surgery, taking x-rays, collecting and running lab samples, nursing care of patients and dentistry. Leisha’s favourite thing about her job is that each day is a different, with its own challenge. There are never two days that are exactly alike! She is also passionate about animal dentistry.

Leisha shares her home with her husband, Reid, and her two cats, Trigger and Pickles. When she’s not working, Leisha enjoys drawing, reading, camping and travelling. Leisha’s attitude and sense of humor has made her a favourite among her co-workers. She is great at adding a little levity to any situation, while remaining an excellent, consistent hardworker. Leisha is a great asset to the clinic and we are so happy that she is part of our team!


Jenna joined Lifetime Pet Care Practice in the Spring of 2016. She is a Registered Veterinary Technician and graduated from the Animal Health Technologist Program at Thompson Rivers University in 2008. Since then she has worked in both a research setting and in companion animal hospitals.

Jenna enjoys the nursing and patient care aspects of veterinary medicine and has since decided to work solely in small animal medicine. Jenna's calm demeanor and willingness to tailor her approach to meet each animals' needs works well with her desire to be a strong advocate for your pet's well being. Jenna has quickly become a key member of the Lifetime team!

Veterinary Care Assistants


Laura joined our team at Lifetime Pet Care Practice in the summer of 2012. She came to us after completing her veterinary assistant training at Granville Business College. Laura loves to be a part of the high quality care that is provided at our busy practice.

As a veterinary assistant, Laura’s favourite part of her job is getting to know clients and their pets. She loves being the middle connection in helping clients understand what is happening with their pet’s health. She also enjoys assisting behind the scenes by holding animals for lab work, treatments, radiographs as well as assisting with monitoring surgical and dental procedures. She finds it very rewarding to see happy pets returned to their owners at the end of the day. Laura shares her home with her husband and their two pugs; Neigel and Sherman, and an adorable conure named Oliver! When Laura is not working, she enjoys taking her dogs out for adventures in nature, watching hockey games, and going to concerts. Laura’s teammates would describe her as a fun team player with a great sense of humour - she loves making people laugh! Laura has been a great addition to our team!



Kailie has been working with us since the Summer of 2014. She enjoys all aspects of working at Lifetime! Kailie loves to get to know all of the different animals that we see on a daily basis at our clinic. She loves being an important part of our clients visit by assisting the doctor in the examination rooms, as well as in the treatment area and surgery room. In the near future, Kailie plans to continue her education and go back to school to become a veterinary technician.

Not only does she have a passion for small animals but she also loves farm animals as well! In the fall of 2015, Kailie went to Thailand for a month to volunteer at a Elephant Sanctuary and Wildlife rehabilitation center. When shes not at work, she loves to go horseback riding and spending some quality time with her own pet, an adorable American Eskimo named Kiya. Kailie's positive attitude and calm demeanor make her an important member of the Lifetime Pet Care Practice team!


Jessica came to work at Lifetime Pet Care Practice in the Spring of 2016, shortly after graduating from the Douglas College Veterinary Assistant program. After spending her three-week practicum at our sister clinic, Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital, she knew she wanted to work for Dr. Radnic and his team. As a new graduate, continuing to learn and to hone her skills were very important to her - making her a great fit with our team!

 As a veterinary assistant, Jessica's favorite part of the job is watching our patients grow up before her eyes, as well as performing the veterinary assistant examinations at the beginning of your appointments. Jessica shares her home with her bengal-cross, Edward, who is a very talkative cat! In her spare time she enjoys drawing, sewing, playing video games and travelling.


Julia Joned the practice in June 2005 after graduating from Stenberg College's Veterinary Assistant program. Since joining Kennedy Heights Animal and Bird Hospital and Lifetime Pet Care Practice she has developed and refined the position of Exam Room Assistant and she is a vital asset in our daily appointments. She greets clients and their pets, gains some patient history and other details, and then joins the doctor during the physical exam and consultation. She then continues to work with the patient and client after the doctor has left. Her knowledge in puppy and kitten care, parasite control, nutrition, behavior, and many other areas make her an invaluable source of information and support for our clients. Julia enjoys working closely with the veterinarian during the day and getting to interact with both the clients and their pets.

In her spare time, Julia enjoys spending time outside walking or playing in the park and she also really likes to read/ She shares her home with her husband Jared and their two children, her dog Louie, her cats Midge, Darla and Phelix, her guinea pig Phyllis and her tarantula named Akasha. Julia continues to be an indispensable part of our team with her hard work and pleasant attitude..


Jen came to work with us at Lifetime Pet Care in August, 2007. She completed her veterinary office assistant program in 1994 at Sheridan College in Toronto, Ontario. As a receptionist/veterinary care coordinator, Jen’s duties include: reception, patient care and assisting in the Doctors and Technicians with treatments. Exceptional patient care is very important to Jen-she likes to see happy and healthy pets and she has a real appreciation for all of the hard work that we and our clients do to achieve positive results!

Along with her 2 dogs, a black lab named Ziggy and a border collie named Mingus, and a cat named Stevie, Jen lives with her husband, Jay. She loves to travel and go hiking and canoeing in the summer. She loves the outdoors! Jen is very calm (and calming!)-she is great at making her co-workers and her clients feel comfortable. She is a caring and fun person to be around and we love having her as part of our team!